The Essential Kitchen Tools You Can’t Do Without

Check your kitchen cabinets and you will probably find a plethora of cutting tools and gadgets. Some of these are necessary for cooking, while others are there only because other people in your family like to cook. Then, there are the ones you think you need until you actually find yourself in front of a hot stove. The truth is, every commercial kitchen has to have certain essential tools. They provide the working environment with the right tools to perform their job smoothly. With that in mind, let’s explore what the most common essential tools are in a commercial kitchen.


Knives are essential in any commercial kitchen. You will use them to chop and slice fruits, vegetables, and meats. Not only that, but they are also used to cut bread and other baked items. You will also use them to prepare food for service. There are different types of knives in a commercial kitchen. The chef’s knife is typically what you will find in most commercial kitchens. It is a large, straight knife with a fairly wide blade. It is typically used to cut through meat and vegetables. The paring knife is used for a lot of the same things as the chef’s knife. It is narrower, however, and curved. This makes it perfect for mincing, dicing, and quick tasks.

Cutting Board

Instead of cutting things directly on the counter, put them on a cutting board. This helps to protect your counters and also keeps your work space cleaner. You do not have to use a fancy board, either. The best ones are made of wood and are food-grade. You will also want a cutting board with a non-slip surface. A clean, organized work space is a must in a commercial kitchen. This will help you to keep all of your tools organized, which in turn will keep the work area more organized.

Measuring Cup and Spoons

You might be tempted to use your fingers when measuring ingredients. While that is fine for some ingredients, it is not safe for others. In a commercial kitchen, you need to be accurate when measuring ingredients. Too much or too little of a recipe can lead to mistakes, spoilage, and poor quality. The best way to be accurate is with a measuring cup and spoons. They allow you to measure out ingredients easily and accurately.

Bowls and Pans

If you have a commercial kitchen, you will definitely use a lot of bowls and pans. The kitchen is a messy space, after all. Many of the tasks in a commercial kitchen require solid, non-liquid items. You will need a lot of bowls and other kitchen containers. Some of the typical items you will find in a commercial kitchen are: Salsa jars, Sherry glass, Salad bowls, Bread bowls, Sushi bowls,Chop bowls While you might be able to store these items in your cabinets, they will certainly get in the way and be difficult to access when you need them.


There are a lot of different uses for a blender. A lot of people think of it as only being for smoothies. While that is one of its uses, it is also an essential tool in a commercial kitchen. Blenders are great for making purees, grinding spices, and making frozen drinks and smoothies. You should also use it to make sauces, smooth fatty items, and emulsify oils. If you are going to be using a blender a lot, you will want to invest in a good one. There are a lot of different blender models on the market, so it can be difficult to choose the right one.


You will need to grate a lot of different items in a commercial kitchen. There are a couple different types of graters. The most common is the Microplane grater. Other types of graters you might find in a commercial kitchen include: - Box graters - Rotary graters - Handheld graters The type you use depends on the items you will be grating.

Sieve and Strainer

You will want to sift and strain a lot in a commercial kitchen. This is mainly due to the fact that you will be making some sort of a spice or herb mixture. You will want to separate these items from the rest of the ingredients. Some of the items you will want to strain include: - Nutmeg - Cinnamon - Ginger - Salts - Oil - Vinegar There are also different types of strainers. The most common is the mesh strainer. There are also sieves that are designed for specific task such as filtering out herbs. You will also want to make sure you have something to store your herbs and spices in once they are strained. This is because they will quickly get dusty and lose their potency.

Heating Element

Cooking with heat is essential in a commercial kitchen. In order to be able to do so, you will need an element. There are a lot of different types of elements. The most common is the bead element, but it is also possible to use gas and electric ones. The most important aspect of an element is the temperature. You need to make sure you are using an element that is at the right temperature for the task at hand.