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  • De Throwdown Wafel
  • Wafel of Massive Deliciousness
  • De Verdekke

Don’t Let "Dinges" Mislead You - There's Nothing Dingy About These Waffles!

This roving restaurant's name isn't a typo. Wafels & Dinges is Belgian for delicious. Ok, that's not a direct translation, but it's certainly applicable. What exactly is the translation for dinges? The short answer: a thingamabob or whatchamacallit. A better response? Dinges will make your waffle to die for.

Dinges will make your waffle to die for.

For a truck that has been around the block—even driving away with the 2009 Vendy Award for Best Dessert—Wafels & Dinges has proven it's here to stay. What makes the truck stand out in traffic isn't only the mouth-watering, customizable fare, but also the people behind the scenes. Led by founder Thomas de Geest, the truck is driven through the streets by a close-knit staff and driven to success by their loyal fans, dubbed wafeloons and wafelettes.

Choose the "Wafel of Massive Deliciousness" with unlimited toppings if you're in a creative mood. For a WMD that makes you say OMG, order yours with the spekuloos spread, made from gingerbread. "De Throwdown Wafel" also comes with spekuloos, and the taste of victory, as it beat Bobby Flay in waffle-to-waffle combat.

"De Throwdown Wafel" also comes with spekuloos, and the taste of victory, as it beat Bobby Flay in waffle-to-waffle combat.

You know you're getting authentic Belgian fare, be it the light and crispy "Brussels" or the soft and chewy "Liège," when the country's own royal family approves. That's right, last week, Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde stopped by the truck in Central Park, nodding their heads and smiling upon tasting the waffles. Follow the crown—or the crowd—to the yellow truck and you won't be disappointed.

Tip #1

For a summertime treat, try the "Verdekke," an ice cream sandwich made with two crispy wafers.

Tip #2

Patting your head and rubbing your belly isn't a Belgian ritual, but could get you free dinges. Check out their Facebook or Twitter for the secret code of the day.

Tip #3

Better yet, sign up on their blog for your chance to be the winning wafeloon or wafelette of the week and you may walk away with a gift certificate for two free WMD's.

Nicole LefebvreAbout the Author: Nichole LeFebvre is a contributing writer to OMG Foodie. She can't turn down a good falafel pita and is the only person you know who craves cooked carrots. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and white water rafting (okay, she only did that once) and has recently decided lobster rolls top her list of favorite foods—thanks, Red Hook!

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