What is OMG Foodie?

OMG Foodie is an online guide to the best eats around town, info about food events and the foodie scene. Every week we send our subscribers a newsletter with a featured eatery. Not only do our features include a great write up and photos but our video gives you an insider's look at the team behind all that great food. We interview the chefs and owners to get their insight on how they came up with the concept, their inspiration, and share the tips they have to help make your experience all the more memorable. We know great food is more than just taste - it's an experience and a love you want to share with the world. We hope you enjoy OMG Foodie as much as we do sharing it with you. Laughing

What's next?

We are always looking for ways to improve OMG Foodie and get you guys (and gals) all the delicious food we can. As we continue to grow, we'll be able to host events with our favorite eateries, give perks for free eats, food tours, or discounts to our subscribers and much more. It's our goal to keep you connected with the food community the best way we can.

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